Heart Optimization Group Program


Are you overwhelmed by all the contradictory information about heart disease and diet on the internet? 

Do you want to take a proactive approach to reduce your risk of a heart attack and optimize your heart function?

You want to improve your heart health parameters like cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, waist circumference and/or blood pressure levels

You want to prevent plaque formation and/or stabilize its progression (possibly seen via a calcium heart scan or after experiencing a stent procedure)

You want to learn what foods to consume to optimize cardiovascular function

You want to clarify and debunk heart health diet myths to understand the science behind which foods your heart needs to properly function

You want to learn and implement science based nutrition to optimize your heart health and reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes

This program is for you if any of the following is true:

If you said yes to any of the above, you’d be a great fit for my 6 week heart optimization group program!


This class was fantastic! I received blood work with elevated cholesterol levels. My doctor’s suggestion was to go on medication. Instead, I wanted to try a lifestyle change. I went to a local nutritionist where I received general suggestions on what I could do to improve my diet. Realizing that I needed a more robust approach, I joined Michelle’s 6-week heart optimization class, which was exactly what I wanted. Michelle provided in-depth explanations on the key areas of focus for heart health, while providing specific cooking recommendations. There is no question that my knowledge of heart healthy food options has significantly improved through Michelle’s class, and I believe I have the tools to maintain a long-term heart healthy diet.

“Being told you have cardiovascular disease is scary and overwhelming. Michelle does such an incredible job of calming your fears with things you can change in your diet and lifestyle. Her approach gives you doable strategies that you can immediately implement to help the strength and health of your heart.”

"Loved the intimate group size, the ease of instruction, and the pace. Michelle made even the very complex easy to understand and follow along. There was so much substance to each lecture and questions were always welcomed no matter how elementary. She was honest and didn’t sugar coat the facts. Knowing she is a professional in the field of heart nutrition without any agenda to sell products was huge. Her main goal was to ensure her clients/students learn to adapt to a heart healthy lifestyle."

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

I am here to help! 

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who specializes in heart disease management and prevention through science based nutrition. I have over 15 years of extensive education and experience in science based nutrition and heart disease. Learn more about me here. I look forward to guiding you to optimal heart health!

Science based nutrition 

You will be immersed in heart health nutrition via 6 weekly live zoom lectures (they are also recorded if you cannot make it live) where we discuss the underlying causes of heart disease in an easy to understand way. We spend the majority of the sessions discussing how you can implement and take actionable steps one week at a time to improve your heart health today - no matter where you are on your heart health journey.

Overview of the lecture topics:

Week 1: Introduction and Inflammation
Week 2: Insulin Resistance, blood sugar management 
Week 3: Oxidative Stress
Week 4: Blood Vessel Health, Arterial Stiffness, Blood Pressure Optimization 
Week 5: Atherosclerosis, Lipid Panel Optimization 
Week 6: Micronutrients and HeartBeat Regularity 


For 6 weeks, you have Michelle’s expertise, guidance and support to help you implement science based heart healthy nutrition so you can reach your health goals, and gain confidence around your heart health and food choices. 

Michelle is available to you during the lectures and also throughout the whole program via a private Facebook group. As part of the community, you can ask all of your questions, gain her insight, get hands on feedback of your habit changes, and learn from other people’s valuable questions.


This group comes with a supportive community of people who have very similar heart health stories, and can relate to your struggles and challenges. Past participants have found such relief in knowing they are not alone with their medical diagnosis and they connect with many others who are going through similar health worries. 

Michelle is there to help guide you through this journey in a kind, positive and empowering environment!

I am ready to join this supportive heart optimization program!

What to expect in this 6 week heart optimization group program:

See what other past participants have said about the 6 week group program

“Michelle is very effective at breaking down complex topics and making them understandable to non experts like me. I am not aware of another dietitian with the understanding of cardiac nutrition who can present it in the same way (I have looked). She is a one stop shop for being able to answer all heart related questions. I feel like I have benefited from that and learned a tremendous amount. I feel more empowered to make better decisions.” 

“Michelle is very forthright with her science based nutritional knowledge; she explains complex concepts in clear and understandable terms. The materials are interesting and easy to remember. She has a patient, calm, organized teaching style that makes for an engaging class. I wish I learned this information when i was 20! "

"The information Michelle presents is clear, easy to understand, and organized, it is very in depth which I very much appreciated. I have been able to make several changes to improve my diet and lifestyle. Michelle is very easy to listen to, takes time for questions, and works with people from their starting point. Excellent course, so happy I took it!"

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

See what other past participants have said about the 6 week group program

A very informative comprehensive program that has definitely changed the way I look at food and what food choices I now make . Michelle gives you all the time you need with questions and goes above and beyond to help you find answers and give you the information you are seeking and to understand the information that she gives you . I love that there is no pressure to make multiple changes but you are encouraged to just do small adjustments so it doesn’t become overwhelming and unrealistic. Michelle is prompt at answering your questions on the FB page , she is full of encouragement and is genuinely a lovely person . I’ve gained a lot from this program and highly recommend it."

“I enjoyed this so much. I am inspired now to become a better version of myself every day! I feel so much healthier just learning and implementing these tools that she recommends. I learned more than I thought I could in 6 weeks!! I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their mindset on heart health and quality of life!!”

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

See what other past participants have said about the 6 week group program

"An extremely valuable and informative program that changed my entire approach to food and eating for the better."

"I wanted to say thank you for what you do! I just had my labs reviewed by my doctor. My cholesterol and blood pressure are down. So much so that he is no longer keeping me on my medications!"

“Thank you so much for everything. This 6 week class was the best.. so worth the time and $!!”

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

See what other past participants have said about the 6 week group program

"Michelle is so encouraging, and was extremely helpful in alleviating my fears about my heart health! She is wonderful in explaining the "why" behind all of the components regarding this topic. Now, having my fears eliminated through increased knowledge, I feel empowered taking the necessary steps to better care for my heart. With all of the information out there, it is comforting to know you have someone who really knows her stuff, science based, to guide you in the journey!"

“Michelle, thanks for all the information, guidance, tips, and recipes! It’s been amazing to have you as a resource for these past six weeks! Thank you!” 

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 

⭐️ Previous heart optimization group participant 


Yes! Many of my clients will join both the 6 week heart optimization group program and the 1 to 1 coaching in order to reap the benefits of both styles of learning. The group program is lecture-based and community driven so you have the support of other people who are going through a similar health journey. The 1 to 1 coaching provides a personalized assessment, health resource guide, meal plan, and hand-holding support to ensure you are reaching your goals and troubleshooting all challenges that may impede on your success. If you are interested in joining both programs, please schedule a call here to ensure you would be a good fit.


It depends on your method of learning, and if you want a personalized evaluation and plan. If you are unsure which program may benefit you, feel free to schedule a call here.


Yes! I give alternatives and substitutes to any recipe that I recommend that has food that you don’t enjoy or eat.  


I speak generally about which supplements may be helpful if you avoid certain food groups or foods, but I do not talk about supplements everybody should take since it needs to be individualized.


No problem! All of the sessions are recorded and sent to your inbox right after the lecture so you can watch it at your convenience. Many past participants would watch the recording and ask their questions in the Facebook group.


If you prefer not to use Facebook, that is okay too! As long as you watch the live lectures and if able to attend at least one of them to ask your questions, this program will likely benefit you! 


Yes, I accept FSA/HSA spending cards as a form of payment.


Yes, I am happy to offer several payment plan options to work with your budget.

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