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Michelle's mission is to empower others to promote heart health through science based nutrition and expert guided implementation. She is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and innovating for healthier hearts.

as seen in 50+ media outlets including:

Michelle Routhenstein is a nationally recognized expert in heart disease prevention through science-backed nutrition.

Michelle partners with brands that share her core values, ensuring their products align closely with her audience's needs for truly heart-healthy choices.

She offers versatile partnership opportunities, including media mentions, product R&D, speaking engagements, educational materials, consulting, and more.

For spokesperson opportunities or consulting projects,
please reach out via the contact form below.

Meet Michelle Routhenstein

PASt brand partners include:

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  • Brand ambassador
  • Consulting
  • Content marketing
  • Product mentions
  • Recipe content
  • Toolkits and e-books

Below are the various ways you can work with Michelle. Pricing is provided on an individual basis based on the your specific needs.

Brand Services

Let Michelle amplify your brand's message and drive lasting impact in the realm of heart health and nutrition.

Brand Partnerships

Tina Gowin Carlucci, RDN

Michelle is wonderful to work with! She's extremely knowledgeable about cardiovascular health, easy to work with, and delivers fantastic content. Michelle is a true professional who can translate complicated science into easy-to-digest information and practical tips that patients/clients can actually use. I've worked with Michelle on creating a Heart Health Handbook and would highly recommend her for future projects, as well!



  • How to prevent heart disease
  • Heart healthy diet and lifestyle tips for busy professionals
  • How to lose weight in a heart healthy, sustainable way
  • Taking care of your heart health through menopause
  • Debunking heart health myths for an empowered take on your health
  • Make heart healthy eating easy with a cooking demo

In addition to the topics below, Michelle is also open to crafting a talk catered to your audience’s needs.

Speaking Topics

Michelle is open to speaking opportunities and interviews including conferences, workshops, television and radio, podcasts, and more.

Media Opportunities


Michelle has been a great, trusted source for Medical News Today. Across a diverse range of nutritional and dietary issues, she provides helpful, well-considered insights and is a pleasure to work with, even when deadlines are tight.



If you're interested in working with Michelle, please fill out the form below. You can also contact her directly at

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