Exclusive Heart Community

A community that is built to provide continued support, up to date science, and a family that supports your journey for a long lasting heart healthy lifestyle!

This exclusive community provides members with an opportunity to stay current with heart health science and have access to an exclusive Facebook group for questions, support, encouragement, product finds, and newly updated science based nutrition and lifestyle research!

 A monthly 1-hour LIVE Lecture exclusive to you, where I will present the newest science based heart healthy research, review any relevant heart healthy strategies needed, answer any live and pre-submitted questions, and gear the lecture to YOU and whatever the community desires! This lecture will be conducted on Zoom and will be recorded for you to watch if you cannot make the designated time.

Here are the community benefits:

After working with clients, I often get asked “what’s next?” Continuous engagement! This community provides that, and it is only available for individuals who either graduated from my 6-week program and/or are private clients.

The exclusive Facebook community group will provide you with access to ask me questions, and I will regularly pop in to answer and give updates, meal inspirations, break down new science articles, and much more!

BONUS: Two or more(!) newly created and tested recipes that include the therapeutic and delicious foods that are great for a heart healthy lifestyle! Recipes from yours truly!

*The membership has a monthly cost of $125 USD and can be canceled at any time with a 48 hour notice.

Apply here:


Apply for membership in the exclusive heart community.
To note: eligibility is based on our previous work together.
When approved, you will receive a program agreement form and next steps to secure your spot.
Once you are enrolled, you will receive the links to the facebook group and monthly Zoom meeting.
When you are in, get ready to be immersed in science based nutrition for optimal cardiovascular function with support from Michelle and a community who understands your health journey.

When you join this community you also get: 

One monthly 60-minute LIVE zoom lecture that is jam packed with the newest science based research on heart health! 
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes and inspiration! 
All of your questions answered, myths debunked, and confidence around nutrition boosted!
Online support and connection with our group via Facebook!

“It is so refreshing to have Michelle at my finger tips for all my questions, doubts, and food product finds! I can trust her recommendations since she explains everything so clearly.”

- Exclusive Heart Community Participant 

“Every other person who gave me heart health advice, makes me hate food. It was bland, boring, and disgusting. I have entrusted Michelle and know everything she recommends is tested for flavor, and heart healthy for my whole family!”

- Exclusive Heart Community Participant 

“It is rare to find someone who truly cares about me. This group is led by the best expert in the field and having a group of people who are on the same health journey is reassuring and reduces my stress.”

- Exclusive Heart Community Participant 

Can I join this community if I have not participated in your group or 1:1 programs?

No, this group is for people who have the foundation of the science based principles I teach in my other programs. Once you have completed one of those programs, you are eligible. View 1:1 details here and group coaching details here.

What if I cannot make the live groups?

No problem! All of the sessions are recorded and sent to your inbox right after the lecture. You can watch it at your convenience, and for your lifetime. Many past participants would watch the recording and ask their questions in the facebook group.

What if I don't have facebook?

If you prefer not to use facebook, that is okay too! As long as you watch the live lectures, this information will likely benefit you! 

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